Carpet for home – A few tips to help you out!

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Furniture is a base element to define the mood and look of the house or room. But to tie it all together, other things like carpets and curtains are always needed as furniture alone is not enough. However, curtains and carpets can be tricky because, with one wrong move, the interior may end up looking tacky. Here are some tips to help with picking the perfect carpet for home.

  1. Family and lifestyle 

It is an essential factor that affects the durability of the carpet. If a family has a pet, they should pick wear and tear-resistant one as it lasts longer. Dark colors that can hide stains and spills would be better for families with kids or infants. If a couple is looking for a carpet, they can go for luxurious plush ones in light colors if that’s what they prefer. So, it all depends on the size of the family and their lifestyle.

  1. The other elementsof the interior

Choosing a carpet depends on the mood and ambiance of the area as well. To make the look cohesive, one needs to ensure that the carpet’s color, fabric, and design match the furniture and curtains. So, if the room has a rustic vibe, a carpet with thick fabric and the dark color looks great. For a room with a delicate and luxurious feel, plush that looks like velvet would work just fine.

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  1. Take the weather of the place into account 

It is a major factor to consider as well. Darker shades and thick materials make the place look cozy and perfect for winters. Light colors and lift materials for summers. However, a carpet for home can be expensive as well. If the place has similar weather all year round, one good carpet would be just great. If not, one can buy two or more carpets for each season if one can afford them.

  1. Maintenance 

Maintaining a home can be exhausting and, a carpet needs some cleaning and maintenance. It is crucial to pick something easy to maintain and care for busy people.

  1. Fade 

Carpets tend to fade in color over time because people walk over them. So, one should pick a shade that is a bit darker than the intended one. That way, fading of colors won’t affect the look much.

Carpet is a way to tie the look of a place together and make it look cohesive. So, one should be careful when it comes to picking these.