Helpful guide for beginners to learn how to hang a door

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Hanging doors is a difficult task.  A good deal of skill and carpentry work is required to accomplish this task. We recommend that you always hire a professional to hang your door, as it skill. When you do not have a budget for it, you may feel that doing it yourself will save you time or money.

Locks are important regardless of whether you intend to install them. Fitting a lock on a chipboard door requires knowing which side of the door is the handle side. Fitting the lock to the block of wood can be done by drilling into the wood. The lock will not stay on the chipboard side of the door if you drill into it. The doors will be wasted if you drill into the wrong side of the door. 

Take measurement

The door frame should be measured for height and width and 4mm should be subtracted from each side. This will give you the finished dimensions of the door. To ensure that a door fits within the available space, always buy a larger one than the one you need. The door will also fit perfectly into the frame. Take measurements and transfer them to the frame. Make sure the door’s surfaces are symmetrical on all four sides by planning them evenly.

The best thing to do while how to hang a door is to work from the outside in and work your way in from the top and bottom. This will prevent your doors from splitting. At last to have smooth finish at the edges you need sand them.

how to hang a door

Installing hinges

Support the door with wedges and check that it fits in the door frame, making any necessary adjustments. When you are happy with the fit, prop the door open with the wedges again and mark where the hinges will be. To mark the position of the hinges, use a pencil around the edge of the hinge, hatching off the inside of the hinge so that the recesses can be made. You usually need two hinges for internal doors, though heavy doors may require three.

Hanging the door

Mark the exact location of the door frames’ hinges with a marker. Remove the hinge recesses from the door frame with a Chisel. Use just one screw to how to hang a door and hinges to the frame. Inspect the door for proper operation and make any necessary adjustments. Install the remaining screws once you’re satisfied.

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