Characteristics of a Condo

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One definition of a condominium is holding the air space of a property in a multi-unit building. The condominium landlord’s ownership of the building doesn’t include four walls that separate their unit from those other condos or the shared areas, as these comments suggest. TheĀ freehold condo for sale singapore flooring, roof, walkways, stairways, and external spaces are all owned by the condo’s joint ownership. Let us look into some of the different amenities provided in Condos.

between apartment and condo

  • Amenities: Since the condo’s lender is the real registered proprietor, the condo is more likely to have a personalized feel. You’ll probably notice new amenities like kitchen peninsula, kitchen cabinets, and improved floors, as well as small details like the color palette on the ceilings or the tile backsplash. It adds a little variation to each apartment in the complex. In a condominium, the single owner pays for it all. It’s probably renovated and well maintained because the homeowner has a vested interest in keeping it that way. They might even have resided in the condominium before, and they want the home price to continue rising.
  • Paying rent: The method you make payments, utility, and other charges are the most substantial price differential between a condominium and an apartment. You’ll very certainly be a member of the condominium society’s homeowner if you live in a condominium. As a condo renter, you’ll be responsible for paying periodic Maintenance charges for the care of the society’s communal areas and the outside of the building, as well as any utility costs, such as concierge services. While paying rent to a renter, customers do not have the chance of providing a process online. Whenever it pertains to leasing a condo, pay by cheque will still be fashionable. It all varies with the owner, so be sure to inquire about their favorite form of rent collection prior to proceeding.
  • Maintenance: In a condominium, perhaps you and the owner are in charge of the unit’s upkeep. This may result in higher possible out-of-pocket expenses for you, although most concerns are generally covered by the owner’s building management agency or outsourced service. Although HOA is responsible for the upkeep of communal areas such as common facilities and the structure itself, they are not responsible for fixing a leaking bathroom; you should either repair by yourself or rely on the renter to send in their chosen repair company.


Hope this information will help you to understand the different characteristics of the Condo.

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