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If you are like the vast majority of Singaporeans purchasing their first house, you will most likely choose an HDB apartment. As soon as you’ve made your selection, the true challenge begins: should you and your spouse purchase a new construction apartment or a repossessed flat? What is the best way to complete the remodeling with the ideas you desire? 96Interiors is the correct answer. It offers the most comprehensive bto renovation package available in Singapore. Renovations to one’s house in Singapore may be a costly endeavor for homeowners. Certainly, the mere mention of the phrase “Renovation” may be frightening, particularly for first-time homeowners. It will not be an easy choice to make, and it will not be a stroll in the park, either. Some could even describe the process of renovating a dream house as onerous if it involves the construction of a new structure.

Money, time, and stress are all factors in the equation. However, don’t be put off by any of this. However, with the 96Interiors’ budget-friendly and economical renovation packages in Singapore, the remodeling for a bto house would go smoothly and without incident.

The renovation package will suit your budget

When it comes to BTO refurbishment in Singapore, what is the most efficient strategy to save money? Before you purchase anything for your home renovation project, it is a good idea to prepare ahead of time and develop a list of everything you need and any person you will need to engage. Create a budget and a summary of the expenditures you estimate to incur.

According to many property owners, 96Interiors is also one of the greatest BTO renovation contractors in the country. They have a devoted staff of interior designers and project managers committed to providing you with the most memorable remodeling experience possible.The staff consistently surpasses client expectations and ensures 100% customer satisfaction via their experience and dedication to offering the finest services possible.

As a result, the size of HDB units has shrunk throughout the years. Never fear; you may still save money while receiving outstanding home interiors that make your house seem enormously vast by following a few simple rules. When choosing an interior design theme or style, think about what you truly need in your house to help you settle in easily after you’ve purchased your new residence.


Even simpler, enlist the assistance for your BTO makeover, where everything you need is fully prepared and ready, guaranteeing that you do not miss out on anything in your new home. When you pick one of our BTO remodeling packages, we provide you with a detailed analysis of all expenditures spent, allowing you to evaluate if the investment is worthwhile.Prioritizing the practical aspects of your new house before embarking on a restoration project is critical.

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